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About TMIC!

Formation of TMIC

The Texas Marine Industry Coalition (TMIC) has been formed by a group marine industry professionals to join together Texas marine businesses, their employees, vendors and customers to create a strong platform and voice to promote and protect the interests of the Texas Marine Industry.

TMIC’s purpose and focus as stated in the by-laws of the Association:

  1. To unite Texas marine related businesses to promote a high standard of ethics and professionalism. 

  2. To advocate for Texas marine businesses, employees and customers and establish positions of common benefit.

  3. To provide a voice in matters of common interest affecting the current and future success of Texas marine businesses.

  4. To provide a platform for communication, discussion and resolution of issues and challenges faced by Texas marine related businesses.

  5. To identify issues of concern to the Texas marine industry and formulate positions for positive action.

Our Mission:

To build a strong, organized and effective association of Texas marine industry businesses, employees, vendors and their customers for the purpose of providing strong advocacy to protect, promote and support the recreational marine industry in Texas.  To be a strong voice of representation at the federal, state and local level on issues of importance to our members and our industry. To provide value to our members as a source of information and communication on  issue and events important to their businesses and our industry.

Primary issue for 2019: Jobs Preservation and Growth

Since the enactment in 2010 of a boat sales tax cap in Florida, our industry and the State of Texas have been losing jobs, economic activity, opportunities and tax revenue to Florida and other states due to a competitive disadvantage in boat sales tax and regulations. 

A total of 12 other coastal state have followed Florida’s lead while Texas has stood pat! Consequently, more and more Texas boat owners have been purchasing, registering and locating their boats out of state, primarily Florida, and enriching those states with economic activity and tax revenue that would otherwise be benefiting Texas and our marine industry.  The result is that Texas is losing valuable jobs, economic activity tax revenue and dropping in the ranks of boat registrations. 

The Texas Marine Industry Coalition (TMIC) is committed to reversing this trend thru positive action and legislation to preserve and stimulate the marine industry and associated businesses and communities.  We must re-establish the state of Texas among the nation’s leaders in boat sales, boat registrations and employment related to the marine industry.  A healthy, growing marine industry supports and generates economic activity for a multitude of other non-marine businesses located in our marine recreational communities.

Establishing a boat sales tax cap, similar to Florida’s, and providing access for vessels with out of state registration to utilize Texas waters will stimulate marine businesses and provide a significant increase in economic activity.  The result will be more jobs and improved services throughout the Texas marine industry. Importantly, it will provide a needed economic boots to our coastal communities still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. The positive results of these measures have been proven in Florida and the 12 other states that have already taken action on these issues. 

 The time is now for Texas to take action to balance the competitive scales, support our marine industry and return Texas to our position as a national leader in boat registrations.

With your help and involvement we can create a strong Texas Marine Industry Coalition and build a better future for our industry!    PLEASE JOIN TMIC TODAY!