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Membership Levels

- Supporting Member ($50.00 annually minimum)

Supporting Members shall consist of any individual or business that wishes to support the well-being of the Texas marine industry and the efforts of the TMIC.

- Associate Member ($150.00 annually)

Associate Members shall consist of individuals who support the TMIC and its objectives.

- Corporate Member ($250.00 annually)

Corporate Members shall consist of businesses directly or indirectly involved in the Texas marine Industry who support the TMIC and its objectives.

- Founding Member ($1,000.00 and up annually)

Founding Members shall consist of individuals or businesses who are directly involved in the Texas marine Industry who join the TMIC prior to December 31, 2021 at the Founding Member level. Founding members are required to maintain their annual membership at the Corporate Member level to maintain an active Founding Member designation.


If you are engaged in the Texas recreational marine industry, membership in the TMIC is a wise investment  in your business or your job and your future! 

Who should join TMIC:

  • Any and all marine service businesses, their employees and vendors

  • Marina owners, operators, employees and vendors

  • Boat sales companies, employees and vendors 

  • Boat captains and crew members

  • Fishing tournaments, fishing clubs, boat clubs and similar organizations dependent on the marine industry

  • Marine Surveyors

  • Professionals who service the marine industry  in such fields as finance, legal, insurance, news publications, transportation and promotional services

  • Vessel Documentation/registration services companies and their employees

  • Fuel dock owners and operators, employees and vendors

  • Restaurant, hotel/motel and other hospitality businesses in communities supported by marine industry activity

  • Boat owners and operators that benefit from a healthy marine service industry

  • Any business, entity or individual that has an economic or community interest in a healthy marine industry

Membership benefits:

  • Be an advocate for the future of your industry

  • Help to promote and protect your investment in your business or your job

  • Associate and communicate with other marine industry professionals

  • Build relationships with other industry professional

  • Receive important news and information about your industry through meetings and the TMIC monthly newsletter

  • Opportunity to provide input and action that benefits your business and your community

  • Grow your business thru increased opportunities by working for a stronger business environment

How to join:  

Complete the membership application (Click Below For Application)

Email it to or mail it in to the following address

To pay membership fee click donate button below to pay by credit card or mail check to the following address

2951 Marina Bay Dr Ste 130-244
League City, TX 77573