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The TMIC Monthly Newsletter!


First Things First

Thank you for joining TMIC! There is no more important first thing in this first newsletter than to thank each and every one of you who have joined TMIC in our founding year.

We have achieved some amazing things in a short period of time. With your commitment and support we are well on the way to becoming a formidable force and powerful voice in the promotion of the Texas Marine Industry and all those whom it affects.

Please accept a Texas sized THANK YOU for becoming a member of TMIC! You are in on the ground floor of something important to your business, your future and your industry.

So Now What?

You know what TMIC is! Well, you know enough to join.

Now what? What has TMIC done and what’s ahead? What are the goals? What can you do to help? What can TMIC do keep you informed and bring value to your business or career?

This Newsletter should help answer these pressing questions. Be on the lookout for our future issues to keep you up to date and well informed!

Breaking News

Important news and updates on issues important to the Texas Marine Industry.

And here’s some exciting breaking news:

TMIC Marine Jobs Legislation has been filed in the Legislative Session!

Senator Larry Taylor filed SB 1669 in the Senate and Representative Ryan Guillen filed HB 4032 in the House.

Senator Taylor, represents Senate District 11 comprised of portions of Galveston, Brazoria and Harris Counties. He has been a strong advocate for the bill and our industry. Senator Taylor is recognized for his leadership and support of business development. He serves as Chairman of the Education Committee and is a member the Finance Committee.

Representative Ryan Guillen leads the effort in the House and represents House District 31, covering all or parts of 11 South Texas Counties. Rep. Guillen a proven, award winning legislator, is well respected on both sides of the aisle. He serves as Chairman of the Resolutions Calendar Committee and as Vice Chair of the Ways and Means Committee.

The efforts of Senator Taylor, Representative Ryan Guillen and their staff in support of this legislation and our industry are greatly appreciated – TMIC members are encouraged to thank them for their support!

TMIC has received strong expressions of support from all the coastal legislators. Now that the filing process is complete we are working to secure additional co-authors and sponsors in the House and Senate and preparing for the bills upcoming assignment to committees.

You can expect a follow up shortly about the coming next steps and how you can help push this vital legislation to final passage!

It should be noted that the creation of TMIC and the broad-based coalition of members and supporters is playing a vital role in garnering additional support for and recognition of this important issue. So thanks again to all TMIC members for playing a vital role!

Did you know?

Since 2011 Texas boat registrations have declined by 14,000 boats while Florida has increased registrations by more than 48,000 boats?

Sad but true! It’s a fact and in an economic climate more favorable to Texas than to Florida. TMIC is working hard to turn this around for you, your business, and for Texas.

Each issue will feature an industry related question/answer reflecting a fact that might not be well known. Feel free to provide a Did you know question/answer for future newsletters.

What’s New With TMIC?

Here you’ll find updates and information about the organization, accomplishments, issues, events, goals, and activities.

The breaking news of our pending legislation is a new and exciting and the latest in a huge effort by a great group of industry leaders and just plain hard working folks!

Just since about mid-summer of 2018 the TMIC team has:

  • Created a new start-up organization

  • Generated extensive interest in the industry and communities

  • Recruited members to build a broad based coalition

  • Drafted and adopted by-laws

  • Elected board members

  • Discussed, proposed and adopted legislative priorities

  • Created information materials about the organization and the issues

  • Developed a website

  • Hired lobbyists

  • Planned and hosted mixers and industry meetings

  • Held meetings with affected state agency personnel

  • Developed and put in place action plans to advance our legislative agenda

  • Spoke to and met with industry and community organizations to seek support and endorsements

  • Drafted the Marine Jobs Bill legislation

  • Raised money for lobbyist and legislative

  • Met with legislators and staff to gain support

  • Secured bill authors and sponsors

  • Created a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram

  • And now, finally a member’s news-letter

Wow, that seems like a huge undertaking and impressive list of accomplishments. Well, it is! TMIC has accomplished all of that and more. All with a dedicated and passionate volunteer effort from TMIC members and supporters!

Now here we are, ready to represent you as the only voice and advocate for all sectors of the recreational marine industry in Texas.

Please visit the TMIC website to get more specific information. You will find all the following at

1) By-Laws
2) Member roster
3) Board of Directors and Officers
4) About TMIC info
5)Priorities and Goals
6) Accomplishments
7) Membership information and application
8) Industry news

Look for more content and website improvements as we work towards building a better future

Call to Action

Get ready to make a call!

As the legislative session and our bills move to committee an “All hands-on deck” approach will be needed. Expect a follow up from the Legislative team on how they system works and what you can do!

How You Can Help!

Learn more about TMIC

A good starting point is to check out the Website: Read the newsletter, attend any called member meetings.

Get Involved!

Provide your ideas, suggestions, information. Suggestions, information and feedback are critical for our organization’s success. Feedback is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged! Do you have an idea? A suggestion? Don’t be shy, not only do we want to hear from you, we need to hear from you!

Feedback and ideas are vital to the success and growth of the coalition. See below for more feedback opportunities in this Newsletter.

Spread the Word and Recruit New Members!

TMIC has truly grown one member at a time - by members recruiting members.

Who should join TMIC?

We should be recruiting members of the industry and those who have a love for the water. New members are not only vital to the strength of our advocacy and the financial security of our young coalition, they breathe new ideas and life into our organization.

Feel free to discuss the new and exciting things that TMIC has up their sleeve! All the information you need is on the website. If more is needed, feel free to call or email for help.

Get Social!

If that’s your thing, help spread the news about TMIC through social media! Be a social media butterfly! Like us on Facebook and share the posts. Provide content and comments to our pages. Invite your social media friends to like the page and help spread the word.

Be on the lookout for TMIC to make its’ Instagram debut!

Be an Activist!

Talk about the issues and the TMIC solutions. Answer the calls to action and get involved. Email us, talk about us, share us on social media, tell your neighbor, yell it at your cat… However you choose to do it, make sure you do it load and proud. You made a good choice joining. Don’t be afraid to flaunt it.

Membership Report

Find out who’s joined, who will be joining, or who is renewing their memberships!

TMIC currently has:

23 Founding members

14 Corporate Members

9 Associate Members

2 Supporting Members

This means we have a total of 48 paid membership.

That’s a great number! Remember, this has only been achieved since our first membership event on December 4, 2018. Look how far we’ve come!

Can we hit 150 members by the end of 2019? That’s only 11 memberships a month!

Member News and Announcements

What do you know? Is there something you’d like to say? We want your input! Whether it be about your business, community, events, or issues of interest to fellow members, we want to hear it! You provide the content. We’ll share it here. It’s simple really, all you have to do is send an email to

Member Recognition

We want to regularly give recognition to members that have made a significant contribution to the TMIC’s membership growth, fundraising or in any other manner that deserves a “pat on the back”. Leading off is a hard working leader in the efforts to make TMIC a reality:

John Bowen, President/Owner Elite Diesel

John is one the original organizers, a founding member and the First Vice President of the Texas Marine Industry Coalition. He is a Texas native and the President of Elite Diesel Service. John is married to Samantha Bowen who is the Vice President of Elite Diesel and also a big support of TMIC. Elite Diesel has two locations, including Kemah and Rockport, Texas. They are the Texas distributor for both Yacht Controller and Cox Powertrain diesel outboards. They are also authorized marine dealers for Caterpillar, MTU, Volvo Penta, and Northern Lights. John is a big supporter of local fisheries and sits on the board of the Houston Big Game Fishing Club. John has been a very effective and strong voice in the importance of TMIC and the Marine Jobs Bill to the service sector of the Texas Marine Industry. Thanks for all the hard work!


This issue's spotlight is on the great industry and community organizations that have committed their support to TMIC and our legislative efforts. We thank you for your support for the Texas Marine Industry!

1. National Marine Manufacturers Association

2. Texas Boating Trades Association

3. Houston Big Game Fishing Club

4. Boating Trades Association of Houston

5. Texas Marina Association

6. International Yacht Brokers Association

7. Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership

8. The Lone Star Shootout Tournament

9. The Poco Bueno Tournament

10. Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Association

11. Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

Highlighting something interesting to our membership.

Could be just about anything and member’s suggestion are welcome and encouraged.