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HB 4032 has Passed the Legislature!

It was truly a wild ride to get final House passage last Friday night.

The important thing is HB 4032 has fully and officially passed the legislature and has been sent to the Governor! I can't stress what a major accomplishment this is for TMIC and all of us that came together to make it happen. 

The lobbyists, Joey Park and Billy Phenix did an incredible job under pressure to turn a near defeat into an amazing victory! The coalition of coastal legislators that we all worked hard to get engaged, definitely got engaged and really helped make this happen during the chaos of the final house concurrence vote. 

Finally, Senator Larry Taylor and Representative Ryan Guillen, our primary (and for most of the session our only) bill authors, never quit and both were furiously lobbying votes on the house floor up to the final minute. Amazing commitment and effort by both of these men. While, we owe this team great respect and gratitude, none of these efforts and results would have been remotely possible without all of us creating the grass roots strength and leadership of the TMIC!  

BUT - It's not over until it's over and now the final word rests with Governor Abbott. The Governor has until June 20th to either 1) Sign the bill into law 2) Take no action and the bill becomes law or 3) The dreaded veto. We have to stay on the offensive to make sure option number 3 does not happen!

We need letters sent from our members and supporters to Governor Abbott! The letters should be hand written if possible and brief but informative of your position on HB4032. Let's all get this started by encouraging our employees, co-workers, associates and industry friends to write and mail in a letter asap! We have taken the liberty to provide instructions and an example letter for your convenience in the link below.

It’s the final push, let’s make it a strong one!

Click Here for instructions and example letter!